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In addition to formal writing and publications, I occasionally share early research progress and observations on current events, the process of social science, or leadership on a number of blogs. Updates are only sporadic, but worth a look (or even a subscription).

  • Sociofaithful: The subtitle, “translating data into ministry,” captures the focus of this. I spend most of my time here reviewing books on religion, correcting one-sided data analysis, and whinging about politicians playing games instead of just making good laws. I try not to be didactic and most of the implications are the same regardless of your religious convictions or lack thereof, so don’t be put off if ministry is not high on your to-do list.
  • Faithfulchange:  This one is more focused toward Christian leaders, although with an emphasis on the importance of understanding social structures and process in the business of doing leadership. It’s more of a series of reflections (and occasionally sermons) on what faith looks like.
  • The Narthex: I also am an occasional contributor at The Narthex, an experimental long-form web magazine on religion. The other contributors are all well worth your time.

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